Content Creation & Online Business Retreat Course

The course outline for the Content Creation Bootcamp



The Social Media Retreat isn't open for just any type of digital creator! We want our students to meet a high standard before arriving at our retreats. That's why we are going to have you well prepared and ready to go with our pre-course work. We'll build your mindset, grow your brand, and help you start building a community around your brand. This is to ensure you are ready to start working with clients by the start of this social media bootcamp.


Welcome! We'll talk about all the future success that is heading your way and share the overview of your journey through the pre-course leading up to the start of the retreat.

Finding your why

In order to build a successful personal brand, you've got to know your why! We go over the 7 layers of why, tapping into your purpose/calling and turning your dream into your dream career.

Personal branding

This is where we start branding your dream! We go over your brand's essence, purpose and values. We also teach on your brand as a person so that you can start building a community around your business/brand.

Building a community

In this section we'll walk you through the fundamental methods to gain new followers who are in your niche! We will teach you the best techniques to keep them engaged so that you can potentially turn them into paying clients.

Mastering content creation

To run a successful online business, you need to learn the fundamental strategies to creating content that appeals to a niche audience. We go over these strategies with you!


We'll briefly summarize our pre-course work and make sure you are exactly where you need to be before we start the social media bootcamp so that you can have the best chance at success in your future online business opportunities on the retreat.

Bonus lesson

We'll give you some extra tips and tidbits, and show you some of our favorite apps that you can start using right away to make yourself a better creator and business owner.


The Social Media Retreat in Kenya isn't all sun, fun, and safaris! We actually have to do a little work to give you the value you came here for. During this Kenya social media bootcamp we are going to take you from poor product exchanger to brand deal boss! Your new career begins here and by the end of this journey you'll be making a living doing what you love as a commercial content producer and social media content creator landing paid collaborations from the other side of the world!


Welcome to Kenya! We'll get acquainted with each other during a brief mastermind, conduct basic admin and talk about expectations for the retreat, share an overview of the retreat, and discover all the future success that is heading your way.

Pre-coursework review

Before we can get started on this social media bootcamp we first need to make sure everyone is ready! Will cover the pre-course work and answer any questions you have so you are confident and ready to dive straight into the new world of collaborations.

Brand Building Theory - core identity

In this section we're going to dive deep into the mindset it takes to be a successful brand. We'll teach you how to brand yourself, dos and don'ts, work through your dreams, values and purpose.

Brand Building Activity

After understanding where you want your brand to go, we are going to start going there! We'll show you the best techniques to make your brand unique and recognizable. You'll have a fun branding activity to complete too.

Brand Building Theory - extended identity

We will walk you through what kind of person your brand represents so you can attach a unique style, niche, and personality to your brand. Then we'll discover exactly who your ideal follower, audience, and customer is and turn them into a figurative person that will guide your business decisions in all your future content.

Brand Building Activity

You'll be given step-by-step guidance on building your brand's extended identity and creating brand manule with your colors, fonts and a logo.

Business theory

We'll go over your business model, pricing, invoicing negotiations and contracts.

Marketing your business

Before we can start marketing our service online, we need to build a community and add value to that community. In this section we'll walk you through the fundamental methods to gain new followers and converting them into paying clients.

Creating content for your business

Finally! We start diving into content creation and content sourcing. in this section we also go over photography and videography.


Our mentors are professional photographers and will teach you the basics of product photography and lifestyle photography so that you can create engaging content for your online business.


With the world turning to short videos, we'll go over how to make epic videographs to help you business go viral.

Social Media strategy

Together, we'll create a basic social media strategy document outlining your social media goals, the tactics you will use to achieve them and the metrics/insights you will track to measure your sucess.

Content strategy

In order to achieve your business objectives, we will teach you how to create a success content strategy with a focus on how you plan on getting the content needed.


Sometimes our circumstances make it difficult for us to capture the perfect shot. For this reason, we'll teach you the basics of editing photos on lightroom, other useful editing apps and how to edit videos.

Website building

You'll be trained on how to edit your website and given time to build your website and the kind of information needed to convert viewers into clients.

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