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The bootcamp itinerary- we're talking safari, snorkling and more

Make a living doing what you love

Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve

UNESCO protected Malindi-Watamu Biosphere Reserve is known for it's rock platforms, cliffs, coral gardens, seagrass and the widest range of mangrove animal species in eastern Africa. This unesco protected area is minutes away from our villa, so we will be spending time exploring the preserved beaches and swimming around colourful coral gardens.

We will take a boat cruise around the mangrove, snorkle, make a stop on a remote island called Waka Waka island, enjoy a beach BBQ and participate in the traditional tribal dance from local islanders.

Make a living doing what you love

Tsavo East National Park

We will be staying overnight at one of Kenya's oldest and largest parks. Seeing African animals in their natural habitat is on everyone's bucket list, and if not it should be. We will spend two days driving through the African savannah on the lookout for the infamous big 5, each day will bring new perspectives and new experiences. You will spend one night in an actual safari park and sleep with the beautiful sounds of the African night.

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